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Accidents happen! But what should you do, when they do?

by , 24 April 2014
Let's imagine the worst: An accident has just happened on your construction site. Your employee Andrew is seriously hurt and two others are slightly hurt. Everyone else has stopped work to help or watch. It's chaos and you don't know what to do. Sound like your worst nightmare? It doesn't have to be, as long as you know what you need to do next when accidents do happen...

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How to deal with accidents on your construction site
Accidents happen, sometime they're serious, and sometimes they're not. Either way, you have to know how to deal with them.
If a serious accident does happen, this is what you should do:
1. Firstly, always call emergency services straight away to come help with really bad injuries or situations. 
2. Have a first aid kit on hand to do temporary treatments if necessary. 
3. Ask if any employees are trained in first aid. It's a good idea to put employees through this training for just such a situation.
4. Clear the accident site so no other employees get hurt. Only trained emergency teams should go in if they're needed. 
5. Write up a full accident report and take measures to make sure that kind of accident doesn't happen again. According to Labour Guide, this is important for injured employees to claim from the Compensation Fund. 
It's important to remember that with serious accidents you and your employees mustn't try deal with it yourselves. This may make the situation worse if someone else gets hurt while trying to help.
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Accident prevention is better than cure
When it comes to accidents, prevention is better than cure. So to help prevent accidents you should appoint a safety officer to manage and observe things on site. 
You should also have proper PPE for your employees to help limit the injures if an accident does happen.
Doing a full risk assessment will also help you spot possible accidents, before they even happen.
A risk management plan will also help you to control possible accidents.
It's better to prevent accidents from happening if you can. But if they do happen, remember these five steps to deal with them.

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Accidents happen! But what should you do, when they do?
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