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Are you aware of the connection between mindfulness and health and safety in the workplace?

by , 02 March 2015
It is said that by 2020, more and more companies will be taking into consideration the direct link between productivity, mindfulness and health.

New standards will be available!

Moreover, some say that the head of future HR will have to understand culture management as key, fostering inclusive behavior and mindful cooperation.

Mindfulness as training! Here's what that means

It is possible that in the near future, as Mike Montalban wrote for SAP News, mindfulness training will be part of all leadership training all over the world.

That means that you'll have to make sure that your employees are aware of other people around them and that they are compassionate and also wise.

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Your Health and Safety role is not exactly an easy one!

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Here are some insights that Montalban highlighted that we believer your company will find particularly useful:

1. "We train managers to manage everything but themselves. Managers should ask, 'How do I manage my body?' What's going on inside a manager is broadcast to everyone surrounding them. We're all connected. -Dr. Jeremy Hunter @JeremyHunter123

>> We have to become truly aware about the fact that our actions influence everything!

2.   [When hiring,] we must get a feeling for people and their maturities. How do you perceive yourself? How aware are you and how much do you trust your gut feeling? –Dr. Natalie Lotzmann @lifeatsap

>> This is a new way of understanding if you have in front of you the right candidate!

3.     Mindfulness practice can lead to changing the perception we have of ourselves. In the business world: Having a horrible day? This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. How can we shift from ruminating about the future and shift to the present moment? Twenty minutes a day for 8 weeks can change our perception. –Marc Lesser @doingless

>> A change in the present perspective lead to better results in the future!

4.     Perception is the center of everything. How we feed our reality is what becomes our reality. If I see doom and gloom in everything, that's the world I'll live in. How do we start to consciously create our reality? What are the preconceived notions that might impact how the outcome might turn out? Divorce, death, downsizing, disaster, and disease: sadly, it often takes these five D's to look at our lives. -Dr. Jeremy Hunter @JeremyHunter123

>> Everyone learns to create a better reality trough mindfulness!

5.    Mindfulness trains attention to be of higher quality. Americans are over-trained in thinking, but undertrained in the ability to see. How can I make sure that the world I'm seeing is the world that's there instead of the world I'm biased to see? What mindfulness does is to enhance all those qualities. -Dr. Jeremy Hunter @JeremyHunter123

>> Mindfulness training leads to better quality in every day work, better products, services and a bigger profit!

6.     Perception creating reality is not a new concept. In the end, it's all about perception. Perception: the trust of employees, customers, being an employer of choice. It's high-time that we look at perception as the center of everything. Mind. Well-being. Results. We need people who give their best. How? Make sure people perceive they are valued, appreciated, treated nicely and equally. –Dr. Natalie Lotzmann @lifeatsap

>> Mindfulness training increases your employees' trust and increases their motivation for the work they are doing!

7.     Old thinking: Do more, get more work done. But there's an inflection point. At the tipping point, if I don't rest and make time for myself, my health gets negatively impacted. Mindfulness helps us with this. We can't just get trapped in a cycle of making effort. -Dr. Jeremy Hunter @JeremyHunter123

>> Makes your employees, your managers, your team well aware of the long term effects of their every day actions (including lack of rest!).

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