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As your workplace risks change, so must your toolbox talks

by , 23 September 2014
The biggest mistake employers make with OHS training is keeping it static. What I mean by this is not changing any of their topics or approaches.

This change is especially important when it comes to your toolbox talks. After all, they're the best way to educate employees on the dangers in their workplace.

But for this to be effective, you need to keep your toolbox talks relevant.

That's why, when your workplace risks change, you need to change your toolbox talks to reflect that and keep your employees informed.

Let me explain...


Here's why it's important for your toolbox talks to match your workplace risks

If your employees face certain risks at work, would you do a toolbox talk on something that doesn't affect them? Of course not! That would be a waste of time for you and your employees.
In the same vein, if there's a risk that isn't a danger anymore, don't constantly bring it up during your toolbox talks. This will just result in bored and unresponsive employees who heard all of this in your last four talks.
But how do you know what to cover...
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Use these two tips to ensure your toolbox talks are relevant

There are two things you can do to get relevant toolbox talk topics:
First: Get employees to report safety issues so you can ensure you include any new risks, dangers and procedures into your toolbox talks plan.
Second: Give employees a way to suggest topics, such a suggestion book in their break room. Yes, you may get some silly suggestions from employees, but you'll also get some relevant and useful suggestions too.
By doing of these two things, you can give your employees relevant health and safety training that matters.

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As your workplace risks change, so must your toolbox talks
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