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Attention employers: It's your legal responsibility to properly train your staff on workplace safety!

by , 12 June 2014
As part of the OHS Act, you have an obligation to train your employees. This training includes general OHS training, first aid training for your first aider and toolbox talks.

But fulfilling your legal obligation isn't simply a matter of paying someone to train your employees. You have the duty to choose quality safety training service providers and give your employees everything they need.

There are actually four legal requirements your health and safety training must fulfil. Here's what they are...

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Here's why you have to train your employees on safety

You must train your employee to use the machinery and equipment involved in his job. It's not enough to just assume he knows how to use them. This assumption often leads to serious workplace accidents.  
You must also train your employee to use his safety equipment so he can protect himself from harm.
Without this knowledge, he won't be able to keep himself safe from workplace hazards.
And that's why you must give him safety training that fulfils these four requirements...

The four legal requirements your safety training must fulfil

The Health and Safety Advisor says your safety training must:
1. Give your employees any information and training that's necessary to keep them safe at work.
2. Ensure your employees understand the hazards associated with the work they do. This is where toolbox talks are very useful as part of your health and safety training programme.
You must also give them the authority to implement the precautionary measures you've taken.
3. Tell all your employees about the scope of their authority and ensure they understand it.
4. Instruct your employees on the proper use and maintenance of the safety equipment and facilities you've given them.
If your health and safety training does all this your employees will have all the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe...
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Attention employers: It's your legal responsibility to properly train your staff on workplace safety!
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