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Attention employers: Train your employees in these three life-saving safety habits

by , 13 June 2014
When you're young, your parents told you to look before you cross the road. That's a good safety habit. And this habit of looking for danger first could save your employee's life.

It's not just enough to train your employees to follow safety procedure. You must train them to have good safety habits like this.

Effective health and safety training should show employees what workplace hazards surround them and how to spot them.

This is just one of the life-saving habits you should give your employees. Read on to discover three others...

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Did you know: Bad health and safety habits could result in death?

Your employees' bad safety habits could result in injuries or illnesses. For example, you can provide your employees with PPE, but if they're not in the habit of wearing it, it won't help.
The Health and Safety Advisor says good health and safety is about following clear health and safety procedures every time. Your employees have to get into the habit of doing this automatically. If they don't, they could forget to do something and cause an accident.
So you need to ensure you train your employee's in these three safety habits...

Three safety habits your employees must have

Your employees must:
1. Put on all proper work wear. Your employees wouldn't leave the house without shoes on. So why should they start work without their PPE on.
2. Wash your hands before and after work. Basic hygiene isn't just for the bathroom. If your employees work with chemicals and other materials, they could absorb them through their skin and make them sick.
If you can train your employees to have these life saving safety habits, they'll be able to keep themselves safe at all times.
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Attention employers: Train your employees in these three life-saving safety habits
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