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Break the ice and reap the benefits in your safety training

by , 06 June 2014
Have you ever done a toolbox talk or OHS training session where your employees have just looked at you blankly? They're uninterested, bored or too shy to speak and you don't know how to get them involved.

Well so have most employers. It's the curse of safety training in every industry. You have to get your employees to engage and be interested in the training you're giving them or the toolbox talk you're doing.

So how do you shake things up and get your staff members to pay attention.

On SheqAfrica.com Ria Swanepoel shared his suggestion and it's something you could really benefit from.

According to Swanepoel, ice breakers are the best way to get your employees to really engage. Read on to discover the best way to break the ice.

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Avoid bad ice breakers when you start safety training

Before you choose an ice breaker activity to start your OHS training, it's important we warn you about bad ice breakers. 
If you try to make your employees do an activity that feels forced or uncomfortable, it'll do the opposite of what you want it to.
Don't try get your employees to leap into each other's arms to 'build trust'. Rather use these two tips to find the perfect ice breaker to lead into your safety topic.

The perfect ice breaker to start your safety training with

The best kind of ice break should:
1. Allow each person to contribute positively; and
2. Be fun, humorous, thoughtful and surprising.
An example of this could be to get everyone to wear a name tag. On the name tag they must write their name and give themselves a safety slogan. They can then introduce themselves with their name and safety slogan.
Remember, the goal is to introduce your employees to one another, get them thinking and to develop an interactive atmosphere during the safety course. 
If you use these tips to create the perfect ice breaker for your OHSA safety training, your employees are sure to get much more than an hour long safety lecture.
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Break the ice and reap the benefits in your safety training
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