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'Check for safety, then recheck': Here's how to train your employees to do foolproof safety checks

by , 13 June 2014
You're only human and you only have two eyes and two hands. You can't ensure your employees are doing exactly what you told them to do, at all times.

This becomes a big problem in health and safety. You can't always watch your employees to ensure they follow health and safety procedure.

This is exactly why you must train your employees to do their own safety checks. If they know how to spot risks before they turn into an accident, they can avoid it.

Here's how you can teach your employees to follow the 'check for safety, then recheck' rule...

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The Health and Safety Advisor says you're legally required to train your employees. But this training only covers the basic of health and safety. These are the things they need to keep themselves safe at work. For example, how they must use their PPE. 
But there are holes in this approach. Training your employees will only show them what they must do, and not why they must do it. 
If your employees can see and understand the risks for themselves, they're more likely to comply with your health and safety programme. 
So train them to spot the risks themselves...

Here's how you can train your employees to spot risks

Train your employees to do basic micro risk assessments using this process:
Step 1: Watch and see if there are any hazards. Explain to them that a hazard is anything that could cause an accident. 
Step two: Once they've spotted a hazard, they need to think about what risks that hazard has. For example, fire is a hazard that has the risk of burning them and could cause a big fire.
Step three: They must think about what risks could affect them during their work. 
If your employees can apply this process, they'll be able to take extra precautions to protect themselves. 
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Here's how you can be 100% sure your risk assessments are legally compliant...
Everything you need to effectively manage risk in your business, avoid accidents in the workplace and be 100% compliant with the DoL is now available to you in this one resource.
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'Check for safety, then recheck': Here's how to train your employees to do foolproof safety checks
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