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Company health systems are changing drastically: Here's how you can use this information in your company

by , 05 March 2015
According to the latest technological improvements in the medical field, new research seems to be a disrupting healthcare through technology.

And the changes are so big, you should keep up with this new technologies and improve your company's heathcare system over time.

Bruce  president and CEO at Humana, explains that Google and Novartis already have a team to bring smart contact lenses to consumers, while IBM is using the power of the cloud to disrupt healthcare.

In addition, Apple's HealthKit provides consumers with a way to view all their health data from their devices in one place. And this is how Apple is creating an app ecosystem filled with real data that your company will find useful.

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Well, you can use this information to help your employees be healthier, eat better and find a perfect work/life balance.

As Broussard states, the development of techonology is helping the corportae healthcare industry overcome some of its current obstacles.

Firstly, corporate health workers must become highly skilled in technology. But as an employer you should as well keep up with all the new discoveries and understand the benefits of the proper health care kit.

Consumers are also becoming smarter about their health through technology.

When it comes about safety training, companies can use the cloud system and all professionals can receive the immediate training they need.

Moreover, using innovation and disruption in the field of healt care, businesses and consumers can improve their health.

Why not be one of the first employers to use the new technologicy?

As all experts agree nowadays, innovation is key, regardless of whether that comes from healthcare or new product development.

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Company health systems are changing drastically: Here's how you can use this information in your company
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