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Conduct a toolbox talk on mechanical disasters and save your employees from fatal injuries

by , 05 September 2014
What do you think is important for your employees to know how to keep themselves safe? Should they know how to wear PPE? Or what to do if there's an earthquake? How about what to do if they have an injury?

All of these are very important toolbox talk topics, but there may be one you forgot about. If you don't include mechanical disasters in your toolbox talks your employees are in danger.

They won't know what to do if the machines they use everyday suddenly turn deadly.

That's why you must ensure you give them this information on mechanical disasters during your next toolbox talk...


Remember to include these details when you do a toolbox talk on mechanical disasters

When you do a toolbox talk, your employees always need to know:
- What's at stake (their lives are at stake);
- What the danger is (a machine could crush and kill them); and
- How to protect themselves.
Give them clear examples of what you're talking about so they really understand. You could say: 
'John was working with a machine and he had big clothing on. The sleeve of his shirt caught on a part of the machine. He couldn't get it out and he couldn't turn the machine off. It slowly pulled him into the machine and crushed his arm and shoulder.
This will show your employees the kind of disasters you want them to be aware of. 
Then give them this information so they can protect themselves.
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Give your employees this information during a toolbox talk on mechanical disasters

Tell your employees to:
- Yell for help so someone can come turn off the machine;
- Try to get out of the clothing that's caught in the machine; and
- Try sticking an object, like a tool, into the machine to stop it.
If your employees know to do these things in this situation, it could save their lives so ensure you include it in your toolbox talk.

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Conduct a toolbox talk on mechanical disasters and save your employees from fatal injuries
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