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Create fool-proof safety induction training content in eight easy steps so your new employees are safe from accidents from day one

by , 22 January 2015
When new employees start at your company, they don't know your procedures or how things work.

So, if you just send them out into the workplace, the chance that they will have an accident on their first day is very high.

No one wants to hire a new employee just to have them go on leave straight away because of an injury!

That's why you need to give them safety induction training first. And you need induction training content that covers all the bases to do that.

Sounds time consuming?

It's not! You can create one in no time. All you have to do is follow these eight steps...


Follow these eight steps to create effective content for your safety induction training

Step 1. Write your introduction 
Don't go straight into your training. Give your new employees information on what your company actually does.  
This gives your new employees context during the training.
Make sure they know:
1. What you do; 
2. Why you do it; 
3. How you do it; 
4. Where you do it; and 
5. When you do it. 
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Step 2. Explain your company's core values 
Do a quick overview of your company's core values. This doesn't necessarily improve the safety aspect of the training, but if your new employees know your company cares about them and their work, they will the do same. 
Step 3. List your safety values
Safety should be part of your company's culture.  Demonstrate this during your safety induction training by listing your company's safety values and going through them.  Make it friendly and personal You're telling your employees that this is something you care about, so make them care about it too.
Step 4. Explain your company and employees' duty to be safe
This makes sure your employees understand the legal obligations when it comes to health and safety. It's always important to include this in your any safety induction training. Check out the training manual in Induction Training 101 for a ready to use list of these duties. 
Step 5. Clearly list your company's safety rules
Explain your company's main safety rules.  Write these in a positive, friendly and understandable manner. Your employees need to understand this part so don't make it complicated. Induction Training 101 contains a full list of these rules.
Step 6. Outline your rules around Personal Protective Equipment (PPE
Show your employees the different types of safety clothes they need to wear and explain why. Show them how to use all of it.
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Step 7. Include any other safety information that's specific to your company
Go through information about emergency evacuation, incident and injury reports and hazardous materials that's specific to your company. Demonstrations are important here because some safety information is difficult to understand. Demonstrations can help employees remember.
Step 8. Summarise your training notes
Summarise your core message and the basic rules all your employees need to follow.
These eight steps will help you create content for your safety induction training that's fool-proof and informative. 
To get your hands on a customisable, ready-to-use safety induction training manual, check out Induction Training 101.

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Create fool-proof safety induction training content in eight easy steps so your new employees are safe from accidents from day one
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