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Did you know: Your toolbox talks are for more than just presenting safety topics?

by , 23 September 2014
What makes good health and safety training? Is it just presenting safety topics to your employees and hoping they understand?

If this is how you view your toolbox talks, you're completely under-using them. You could actually use them to greatly improve every aspect of your health and safety training.

This will, in turn, benefit your employees by giving them better well-rounded training.

So use your toolbox talks to do these three things and improve your OHS training...


Use your toolbox talks to do these three things to improve OHS training

#1: Train your employees to work together
You can use your toolbox talks to train employees to work together. This is an important part of health and safety as employees must be able to communicate and look out for each other. 
Incorporate icebreaker tasks or team activities into your toolbox talks to get employees used to communicating and working together.
This also adds more interest into your talks so employees will pay attention.
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#2: Train employees to communicate with you about health and safety issue
If you use your toolbox talks to create open discussion about health and safety issues, employees will be used to communicating with you on these matters.
This will help you a lot if there are safety issues you don't know about that employees must report to you. If they feel comfortable coming to you about such things, you can keep them safe.
#3: Train employees to think for themselves
By getting employees to contribute answers, facts and suggestions you encourage them to think for themselves. This means they can make better judgement calls on safety issues.
Don't underuse your toolbox talks. Use them to pump up your health and safety training by doing these three things.

Here are 97 toolbox talks to solve all your company's health and safety training in one easy step.

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Did you know: Your toolbox talks are for more than just presenting safety topics?
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