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Disasters are boundless! Make sure all your employees know what to do in case of any emergency

by , 28 April 2015
Did you know it's not only emergency personnel that need training?
If a disaster like Nepal's earthquake had to strike your workplace, would your employees know what to do?

Read on to find out what emergency training you must give them that could save their lives. And your premises...

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Emergency training you must give your employees

1.    Training on each person's role in emergencies
Teach employees to stay calm and alert. Make sure they understand who will be in charge during an emergency.

2.    Training on the different types of emergencies
Emergency processes for a bomb threat won't be the same as a natural disaster. And employees need to know how to react in each one.

3.    Warning and communication during emergencies
The first few minutes of an emergency evacuation are the most important. A quick warning to employees to evacuate or shelter will save lives. They must be able to recognise the message. And know the type of warning sound you'll be using.

4.    Your emergency response procedures
Employees need to know who's in the emergency team. They must be able to trust and follow instructions from these leaders.

Read on for more training you need to give your employees in case of an emergency…

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Imagine a fire breaks out in your office and your building bursts into flames!

Will your employees know what to do?

Will they:
 Recognise the fire alarm?

 Know where the fire extinguishers are?

 Know where the nearest exit is so they can leave the premises as quickly as possible?

 Follow an evacuation plan?

Or will they run around screaming and bumping into each other in panic?

It's your legal obligation to make sure they know what to do and where to go!

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Three more types of emergency training you need to give your employees

5.    Evacuation, shelter, and responsibility procedures
Every business must have an emergency plan. It'll help protect employees and anyone else in the building. It includes building evacuation ('fire drills') and lockdown processes.

You must have a warning system that everyone can hear. Wherever they are in the building. Test your fire alarm regularly. If you don't have one, use a loud speaker.

6.    Location and use of common emergency equipment
Employees must know where emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, panic buttons and first aid kits are. And how to use them properly.

7.    Emergency procedures
Different emergency plans apply to different scenarios. For example:

'Lockdown' tells an employee the building's under threat from criminals. They need to hide or wall themselves under their desks.

Or if there's a leak, leave the building. Only employees who know your building and systems should stay to help control it. And help reduce damage to your premises.

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Disasters are boundless! Make sure all your employees know what to do in case of any emergency
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