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Do a toolbox talk on emergency procedures this week! It could save your employees' lives!

by , 19 September 2014
The point of a toolbox talk is to discuss important safety issues. One of the most important safety issues you must discuss with your employees is emergency procedures.

You need to explain the procedures to your employees and give them a chance to ask questions.

And even if you give your employees formal training on your emergency procedures it still may not give your employees to chance to really understand.

But a toolbox talk will! Here's why...


Here's how a toolbox talk could save your employees' lives in an emergency

During a formal training session, an instructor will tell and show your employees what to do in an emergency. But if that instructor isn't familiar with your business and its layout, the instructor's instructions may confuse your employees.
A toolbox talk, on the other hand, comes from you, your health and safety representative or safety officer. All of you know how your company works and this will help you explain the procedures to other employees in a way they understand.
But this isn't the only reason why a toolbox talk on emergency procedures could save your employees…
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Here's one more reason why a toolbox talk could save your employees

A toolbox talk gives your employees the chance to ask you questions about the procedures. They may even be able to give suggestions in this setting. These could help make your procedures even more effective.
By giving your employees a chance to discuss and really understand what they must do, they'll know exactly how they must respond during an emergency.
So don't just give your employees formal emergency training. Do a toolbox talk with them on emergency procedures. It'll ensure they leave with all the information they need to survive an emergency situation. 

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Do a toolbox talk on emergency procedures this week! It could save your employees' lives!
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