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Do a toolbox talk on what to do during a building collapse to ensure your employees get out in one piece

by , 11 September 2014
Of all the disasters that can destroy your company, a building collapse is by far the worst. It can kill dozens of your employees in seconds and throw your company into ruin.

And while you may not be able to save your business when this happens, you can save your employees. But to do that, you need to ensure they all get out quickly and safely.

They need proper training to do this effectively so do a toolbox talk on what do to during a building collapse.

Here's what you must tell them...


Give your employees this information during a toolbox talk on a building collapse

The first thing you must tell your employee is the danger. In the event of a building collapse, the danger is they won't get out fast enough and they'll end up stuck under all the rubble.
Then tell them what's at stakes. The stakes are very high because your employees could die if they're in the building when it collapses or they'll get stuck under the rubble.
Then you need to tell them how to protect themselves.
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Give your employees this information so they can protect themselves in the event of a building collapse

A building collapse can happen in seconds so your employees must act fast. They must:
- Get to emergency exits;
- Exit in an orderly, yet speedy, fashion;
- Move far away from the building;
- Alert emergency services;
- Get medical attention from first aiders if they need it.
Your employees mustn't try to go back in or try rescue others from the rubble. They don't have the training for this and could end up injuring themselves.
Ensure your employees leave your toolbox talk understanding exactly what to do if the building collapses.

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Do a toolbox talk on what to do during a building collapse to ensure your employees get out in one piece
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