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Do you know the real cost of not providing first aid training to your first aider?

by , 15 May 2014
The law requires you to have at least one first aider at work if you have ten employees. So there's no arguing with the fact that you must have someone trained in first aid. But do you know what will happen if something goes wrong and you haven't given them training?

I don't just mean if the DoL finds out. But rather if one of your employee is seriously hurt or killed.

The truth is, this mistake could cost you everything. Read on to find out why...

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Here are the consequences of not providing first aid training

If, while at work, one of your employees is seriously injured or killed and you don't have a trained first aider, you could be looking at possible jail time for a minimum sentence of two years.
That's right, jail time. 
The reason?
If you fail to comply with any OHS regulations, the law see it is as negligence. 
You're responsible for putting measure in place that could have saved that employee's life. If you don't, the law will change as guilty, possibly for negligent homicide. 
And if that wasn't bad enough, there's something else that could happen. The DoL might force you to shut down your company. This means you'll have no work to return to once you get out of jail.
And have you considered your reputation?
By law you must have one first aid kit in your workplace 
If you employ 5 people or more you must have at least one first aid kit in your workplace. And it must contain these 18 items.

How not following safety regulations for first aid training can affect your reputation

If you don't follow safety regulations and a workplace accident kills one of your employees, your reputation will take a big knock. 
Clients may not be willing to do business with your company if they think you're not looking after your employees. 
So even if you're company isn't forced to close, it may lose clients and money.

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Do you know the real cost of not providing first aid training to your first aider?
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