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Do your employees know where the fire exits are?

by , 22 October 2013
If you'd done some simple health and safety induction training, your employees would be able to answer these questions...

Dear Reader

Health and Safety induction training sounds like something only factories need to worry about. In fact, it's probably the last thing on your mind if you work in an office.

But let me ask you these three simple questions:
  1. Do all your employees (including your new recruits) know where your fire exits are?
  2. Do your employees all know where they can find your first aid box?
  3. Do your employees even know who to ask if they need a plaster?
If you had done some simple induction training, your employees would be able to answer all the above questions…


Can an HSE officer do induction training?

According to the OHSA, you must do induction training for new employees, external contract workers, even employees returning from maternity leave. And every time there's new legislation, or if you have a new safety process or equipment.

It sounds like you could be doing induction every month! And who has the time to create proper training material? And ensure its correct?

So, I did some research to see what Induction training is available to make your job easier.

Find out what I discovered


The number one reason to induct ALL your employees on your Health and Safety procedures

It can save your employees' lives!

Here are two scenarios for you to think about. Both instances prove you need health and safety induction training no matter what!
  1. A fire breaks out in your reception area. Your employees don't even know where the fire escape is. And by the time they figure out where it is, the door's locked and no one knows where to find the key… Now what?
Read on for the next scenario…


Can you answer these four health and safety questions?

•    Can an HSE officer do induction training?
•    Why do I need to do induction training?
•    Do I have to give my staff refresher induction training every year?
•    Do I need to give contractors induction training every time they come on site?

Find out the answers here


Training your employees on health and safety can save their lives!
  1. One of your employees, Smith, has an asthma attack. He forgot his pump at home. While he's battling for air, no one around him knows who your first aider is. Who'll help him? And where is that first aid kit? By now Smith cant breathe at all and his lips are turning blue. Don't you wish you had told your employees who has First Aid Training and what they need to do in an emergency?
I'm sure you're now convinced that health and safety induction training applies to any size business and in any environment? Don't put your employee's lives at risk by ignoring your health and safety duties.

Stay safe,

Louise Harty
Senior Product Manager: Health and Safety

PS – We've taken the time to prepare your health and safety induction training for you? With our Induction training 101, anyone can conduct your training for you. Even better, you can train your employees in under 30 minutes.  Click here for your copy.

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