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Do your employees work with explosives? Here's what to include in your health and safety training

by , 04 December 2013
It's your responsibility to correctly train employees to handle explosives safely. How do you go about doing this task? Read on to find out the six requirements for training employees in the explosives environment.

You must train and certify all employees who handle explosives before you allow them to work in any environment where you manufacture, store or transport explosives.

The Health & Safety Advisor says your training must include the following:

  • Developing and maintaining a safe attitude towards work with explosives
  • Understanding the potential danger and risks involved
  • Learning and applying the correct skills for safe performance of the task
  • Preparing for unexpected emergencies and incidents
  • Complying with the appropriate operating procedures

That's not all. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires you to stick to these requirements when training employees who work with explosives.

Revealed: Six requirements for training employees in an explosives environment

#1: You must monitor any employee immediately after he's successfully completed training.

#2: A qualified supervisor must determine whether an employee requires refresher training by requesting he demonstrate current operating procedures.

#3: Retrain an employee if he shows any lack of knowledge or incompetencies. You must ask him to demonstrate his job proficiency before you allow him to return to work.

#4: You must retrain all relevant employees when you change any procedure or start a new process.

#5: All employees must be medically fit for duty

#6: You must keep accurate records of the following:

  • The description and dates of training received;
  • The description and dates of refresher training;
  • All explosives workers must sign a 'statement of understanding' for operating procedures involving explosives;
  • Attendance at safety meetings and participation on safety committees; and
  • A qualification review by the relevant supervisor.

Important: Your first step when working with explosives is to ensure you adequately protect your employees and that you provide a safe work environment.

What's equally important is that you train your employees and stick to the above mentioned health and safety requirements.

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Do your employees work with explosives? Here's what to include in your health and safety training
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