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Doing a toolbox talk on mechanical safety? Don't forget to highlight these four dangers

by , 12 September 2014
If your employees work with machinery all day, they need to know how to be safe. Part of keeping them safe is informing them about the dangers they face. If they understand these dangers, they'll understand how to protect themselves.

The best way to give them this information is through a toolbox talk.

When you do, be sure you don't forget to stress these four dangers...


Stress these four mechanical dangers during your toolbox talk

Danger #1: Getting a body part crushed by the machine
As it runs, a machine could pull your employee's body part into it if a piece of clothing catches on the machinery. This will crush his body part and he may lose it completely. 
This is a life-threatening danger that could leave your employees disfigured, unable to work or even dead.
Danger #2: Burns
Some machinery can get very hot with constant use. If your employees come into contact with hot machine parts, it could cause third degree burns. This is a painful injury that can easily go septic.
*********** Hot off the press  ************
Never again, will you need to fear a visit from the DoL. 
Danger #3: Loose machine parts
If there are any parts of the machine that are loose, they may fall off while it's running. If your employees are near the machine when this happens, this part could fall on them and lead to a concussion or serious head trauma. 
Danger #4: Explosions
Machines, especially if they're old and damaged, could explode. All it takes is a faulty wire or mechanism and that machine could explode. If your employees are anywhere near the machine, this could be fatal.
Your employees must be aware of these dangers so don't forget to stress them in your toolbox talk. 

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Doing a toolbox talk on mechanical safety? Don't forget to highlight these four dangers
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