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Four topics your safety induction training must include to ensure new employees don't have a fatal accident

by , 09 January 2015
Whenever new employees join your company, you need to train them on how your company works. This is why induction training is such an important part of getting new employees settled in.

But induction training isn't only to teach your new employee about where to store his things or how to use machinery.

It's also so he knows how to keep himself safe at work. This includes following your safety procedures and other health and safety rules.

That's why you must make sure your health and safety induction training includes these four topics...


Include these four topics in your safety induction training to protect new employees

1. Your employees' general safety responsibilities 
1. Your employees must take care of himself and anyone else his behaviour could affect;
2. He must co-operate with you or his supervisor to perform and comply with his health and safety duties;
3. He must carry out any lawful order you or his supervisor gives to him. He must obey your health and safety rules and procedures;
4. He must report any unhealthy or unsafe situation to you or the health and safety representative, as soon as possible.
5. If he's involved in any incident, he must report the incident to you, a health and safety representative or a supervisor.
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Can an HSE officer do induction training?
According to the OHSA, you must do induction training for new employees, external contract workers, even employees returning from maternity leave. And every time there's new legislation, or if you have a new safety process or equipment. 
It sounds like you could be doing induction every month! And who has the time to create proper training material? And ensure its correct?
So, I did some research to see what Induction training is available to make your job easier.
2. Alcohol and drugs
1. Alcohol and drugs seriously reduce your employee's ability to detect and take care of his health and safety at work.
2. Alcohol and drug abuse results in substandard practices and conditions.
3. Alcohol and drug abuse puts your employees and others in serious danger because they can't work safely.
3. Unsafe behaviour and working conditions
1. Employees mustn't play pranks on each other, it could lead to injury and possible death.
2. Working on machines without machine guards is dangerous. Employees must report any machine without guards or that isn't working correctly.
3. Employees must never handle moving parts of a machine while it's in operation. This is extremely dangerous. This can result in loss of limb or even death. Tell them to switch off the machines before they touch any of the parts.
4. It's negligent if your employees don't wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This could cause a serious injury, or even cause you to develop a long term illness.
5. Running on the premises is dangerous. Tripping and falling could cause serious injury.
4. Aggression
1. Aggression in the workplace is becoming more and more common, because of stresses in today's society. 
2. Employees must keep their cool and take a deep breath. They must evaluate the necessity of losing their temper or reacting in a way that could cause a dangerous situation.
3. They must report any aggressive incidents to their line management. That way, your company's Human Resources department can initiate counselling.
Including these four topics in your safety induction training will help you make sure your new employees know what to do to keep themselves safe at work.
For a complete safety induction manual, check out Induction Training 101.

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Four topics your safety induction training must include to ensure new employees don't have a fatal accident
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