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Here's how to create a working Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

by , 06 March 2015
Your Safety, Health and Environmental Policyshould be brief and cover several aspects.

It should outline that the obective your company takes into consideration and that continuous improvement and training..

As such, here are some of the elements a Safety, Health and Environmental Policystatement should mention:

-  a description of the organisation

-         recognise the need to comply with minumum standard legislation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

-         recognise the priority of safety in relation to other organizational goals and policies

-        acknowledge the right of every employee to work in a safe and healthy environment

-         stipulates that management is accountable for occupational health and safety programs and management's commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment by eliminating or minimizing the hazards that can cause accidents and injuries

-         the organisation's basic health and safety philosophy (statement of health and safety principles and goals)

-         the general responsibilities of all employees

-         that health and safety shall not be sacrificed for expediency

-         that unacceptable performance of health and safety duties will not be tolerated

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-      encourage co-operation with unions and workers to involve all employees in implementing the health and safety policy into practice

-      the policy date

-      be signed by the chief executive officer

-      be visibly displayed for all workers to see

-      review date of the policy

Why is this important?

Well you should consider you r Safety, Health and Environmental Policy as proof of your responsibility measure when it comes to health and safety in the workplace!

Down below you'll find an example of a full safety, health and environmental policy:
Safety, Health and Environmental Policy

The management of ...........................COMPANY NAME......................................................, striving for excellence in all we do, recognises the impact that our activities may have on people and the environment.


To implement and maintain, as far as is reasonably practicable, the activities of the company in such a manner, as to prevent harm or damage to persons and property respectfully.

Safety, health and protection of the environment will form an integral part of our planning and decision making. We will manage our company, wherever we do business, in an ethical way that strikes an appropriate and well reasoned balance between economic, social and environmental needs.

We are committed to:

    Conducting our business with respect and care for people and the environment
    Responsible utilisation of natural resources
    Continually improving our safety, health and environmental performance
    Complying, as a minimum, with all applicable legal and other agreed requirements
    Promoting dialogue with stakeholders about safety, health and environmental performance

We will achieve these by:

    Implementing safety, health, environmental management system
    Informing and appropriately training all employees and contractors on safety, health and environmental matters
    Responding effectively to safety, health and environmental emergencies involving our actives and products
    As far as reasonably practicable, providing appropriate resources required to implement the above
    Ensure that the health, safety and environmental policy is reviewed at periods not exceeding three years from the effective date or by a date set by the Chief Executive Officer.

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Here's how to create a working Safety, Health and Environmental Policy
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