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Here's how toolbox talks can help support your formal OHS training

by , 29 September 2014
Good OHS training should never be a once off thing. It's about constant education and communication. But you can't afford the cost of expensive formal training all the time so how do you achieve this?

It's simple, just use toolbox talks. These talks help you improve and maintain your employee's health and safety training on a regular basis.

But how do these talks really support your OHS training?

Keep reading and I'll explain ...


Your toolbox talks can support your OHS training. Here's how

Toolbox talks give your employees a chance to learn small chunks of safety information, with an hour. This means if they felt confused about the topic before hand, the talk gives them a chance to focus on it and gain a better understanding. 
Because it's easy to cover a range of different topics in separate toolbox talks you can help clarify anything your employees feel confused about.
Toolbox talks also give your employees a chance to discuss these topics with you. Discussion is an important part of learning and this aspect will help them understand better. 
This discussion can also raise issues for you in terms of what your health and safety training may be missing. This way you can improve your training overall.
But there's one more way toolbox talks will help support your OHS training.
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Here's one last way your toolbox talks will support your OHS training

Toolbox talks give you a chance to do practical demonstrations and even give your employees tasks. This means they get hands-on knowledge and understanding about the topics you're training them on. 
This will improve their understanding and memory of the topic. 
As you can see, toolbox talks are a vital part of your OHS training so always include them. 

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Here's how toolbox talks can help support your formal OHS training
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