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Here's how you should use your toolbox talks as part of your OHS training programme

by , 26 September 2014
When it comes to your OHS training programme, you need to give your employees formal training. This will cover all the details they need to know in order to stay safe at work.

The problem, is you can't do formal training all the time as it takes too long and costs too much.

You need to find a way to refresh your employees' memories using bite-sized training sessions.

This is where toolbox talks come in. They'll help you keep your employees well trained.

Here's how to use them...


Use your toolbox talks to refresh your employees' memories of safety issues

When you give your employees formal training, look at the topics the training covers. When you do this consider:
- What topics your employees struggled to understand;
- What topics the training excluded that your employees should know; and
- What issues, specific to your employees work, did the training not cover.
The answers to these questions will help you identify important areas that may need extra training through toolbox talks.
But you can also use toolbox talks to refresh your employees' memory after a workplace incident
*********** Hot off the press  ************
Stop wasting time not knowing what to train your employees on.
You know you have to train your employees on health and safety, but you don't know which ones you really have to do. And you don't have the time to waste training employees every week.

Here's how you can use a toolbox talk after a workplace incident

If there's an incident at work, such as a small fire, you can do a toolbox talk with your employees to go over what they should have done or what they need to do next time.
This gives your employees a practical example that they've experienced to help them understand the danger.
If your employees handle the situation correctly, you can use their actions in the toolbox talk as an example for everyone else on what they can do.
By using your toolbox talks in these two ways as part of your OHS training, you can give your employees all the information they need.

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Here's how you should use your toolbox talks as part of your OHS training programme
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