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Here's what you need to tell your employees when conducting toolbox talks on lockout systems

by , 13 March 2014
Want to conduct toolbox talks on lockout systems, but don't know what to cover? Then listen up: If you've chosen lockout systems as a safety topic, you must ensure your employees understand what they must do to work safety. Don't assume that your employees know a lockout is. Here's everything you need to cover in your toolbox talk.

What to tell cover when conducting toolbox talks on lockout systems

Explain to them that lockout is a safety procedure used to ensure dangerous machines are properly shut off and aren't started up again before you complete maintenance or servicing work on them. It ensures that a piece of equipment can't be turned on or pressurised accidentally while an employee is working on it.

You must stress to your employees the importance of performing lockout properly.

Let them know that if a lockout isn't performed, uncontrolled energies could cause:

  • Electrocution (contact with live circuits);
  • Burns (contact with hot parts, materials or equipment such as furnaces);
  • Fires and explosions; and
  • Chemical exposures (gasses or liquids released from pipelines).



Health and Safety Rep Tips

Three tips to get your employees to comply with Health & Safety laws


Tell your employees to do the following things to protect themselves

The Health & Safety Advisor recommends you tell your employees the following:

  • Never do maintenance work on machines or equipment unless you lock it out.
  • Check that all sources of energy are locked out, not just the power supply.
  • Make sure that any safety devices on the machine controls are switched to the 'off' or 'closed' position.
  • Start the machine to release any leftover energy.
  • Never let anyone work on machinery without an operating lockout.
  • If in doubt about lockout rules or procedures, ask your supervisor or occupational health and safety department staff.
  • Report people who don't use the lockout procedure when doing maintenance work on machines.

Important: Let your employees know that a lockout system is like a machine guard; while it's operative nobody can be injured. You must stress to your employees that the few minutes it takes to lockout a machine can save their lives.

Now that you know what to cover, make sure you conduct toolbox talks on lockout systems.

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Here's what you need to tell your employees when conducting toolbox talks on lockout systems
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