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How many first aiders are trained and accredited in your workplace?

by , 17 May 2013
Did you know five times as many working days were lost due to workplace accidents than to strikes? And in South Africa, where strikes happen quite often that's really saying something! Safety in the workplace goes beyond buying a first aid kit and assuming your workers will know what to do.

Here're four ways to manage first aid so your business won't fall below the national average.


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How many first aiders are trained and accredited in your workplace?
  1. Oversee your first aid tools with your first aider (first-aid kit, equipment, rooms etc.) – It's important to have the correct first aid tools for your workplace e.g. first aid kits and signage. Consider the number of workers you have and their work arrangements, including location, shift work and access to medical services. With this, your first aiders will be better prepared to care for incidents in the workplace.
  2. Do you know your first aiders' duties? - A majority of employers are unaware of the General Health and Safety Regulations relating to first aid, emergency equipment, and procedures. If the employer doesn't know they're unlikely to ensure their workers will know. The first aider doesn't only care for cuts and bruises. They have administration duties as well to ensure they're always prepared for an incident. Turn to page F02/007 of the Health and Safety Training Manual to learn what their duties are!

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  1. Ensure your first aiders are trained and accredited - Less than 50% of workplaces offer accredited first aid training to their workers. Only 24% of workers have participated in first aid training or first aid drills. In South Africa first aider certificates are valid for three years. How many first aiders are trained and accredited in your workplace? Do they need to be certified again?
  2. Ensure your employees are aware of first-aid procedures – First aid training in the workplace should be a key part of the induction of all workers. If you don't train your workers they won't know what to do or who to contact if they're sick or injured. Information should be easy to understand, accessible and should consider the language and literacy levels of your workers.
Every employer should aim for best practice when it comes to first aid. When you apply these four tips you'll be sure to give immediate care to an employee who is ill or injured!

Best regards,

Miriro Matema
Product Manager – Health and Safety Training Manual

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How many first aiders are trained and accredited in your workplace?
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