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How to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace!

by , 12 February 2013
We usually mark 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children at the end of the year. But the recent brutal gang rape and murder of Anene Booysen in the Western Cape has brought this important movement to the forefront of most South Africans' minds. Here's how you can keep your employees safe from sexual harassment-and worse - in the workplace.

17 year-old Anene Booysen was found disembowelled at a construction site last Saturday and later died from her injuries.
'Public anger seemed to be growing in the aftermath,' with most of the country now reporting startling figures of abuse and pledging to be more vigilant about protecting against abuse when out and about, says the Business Day's BDLive website.
That's why parents teach their children to stay away from strangers.But it's not just 'in the great outdoors' or when we're with strangers that we need to worry.
77.8% of South African's have been victimised at work
The Health and Safety Bulletin says: '77,8% of South Africans say that they've experienced some form of victimisation during their careers,' while they're work.
And sexual harassment is one of the most frequently reported incidents of workplace bullying, abuse and victimisation.
As an employer, you're obligated to provide your employees with a safe workplace,which includes being safe from sexual harassment
Even flirtatious behaviour can lead to a sexual harassment problem, the Labour Bulletin adds.
Here's how to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace
You can prevent this in your workplace by including a sexual harassment policy in your health and safety management system.
You also need to make sure all employees are trained on what's acceptable and what's not, as some employees could feel they're just being'friendly'.
Knowing what's considered sexual harassment and having a sexual harassment policy in place could save you thousands of rands in lawyers' fees and damages, as well as ensure the health and safety of your employees.
Turn to your Health and Safety Advisor to get the sexual harassment policy and  harassment policy. 


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How to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace!
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