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If your employees have Luis Suarez biting tendencies, it may be time to do a toolbox talk on assault

by , 26 June 2014
If you're a soccer fan you definitely have seen the latest Luis Suarez biting incident where Suarez bit one of the Italian players.

For some reason, the referee didn't see this and didn't instantly pull out the red card. But here's the thing, if you see this in your workplace, you MUST pull out your red card.

This kind of behaviour can fast deteriorate into violence in the workplace. And that's a big health and safety issue.

To prevent your workplace from turning into a soccer pitch brawl, you need to do a toolbox talk on assault...

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A toolbox talk on assault may save your employees from an office red card

Toolbox talks are an important part of your ongoing OHS training. It's how you can keep your employees involved and informed on health and safety issues. 
When it comes to safety topics like assault, toolbox talks are even more important. This because violence in the workplace isn't just a health and safety issue. It can also land your employees in court or, worse, jail. 
You need to remind them of this fact when you tell them about the dangers and what's at stake. 
You then have to tell them how to prevent these problems...
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Use a toolbox talk to train your employees to deal with conflict properly
Tell your employees if they have any serious disagreements at work them must never resort to violence. The must report the issue to management. 
This way, the person in authority can handle the problem. And if another employee starts a fight with them, they mustn't retaliate. Rather tell them to get out of that situation quickly and report it straight away. 
With this safety message to remind them of the risks of workplace violence, you won't have to give any of your employees a red card. 

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If your employees have Luis Suarez biting tendencies, it may be time to do a toolbox talk on assault
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