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Improve your health and safety training with this important toolbox talk rule

by , 16 September 2014
You have to give your employees health and safety training. This can be a mixture of formal training from an outside provider and internal training through an in house toolbox talk.

But how often do you do toolbox talks and look up to see all your employees staring blankly into space?

If this is a common sight, it's because your toolbox talks are outdated and a bit rusty.

But apply this important toolbox talk rule and you can save them and improve your company's health and safety training...


The rule: Toolbox talks should be a conversation, not a presentation!

The reason your employees zone out is because you're just talking at them. They don't have to engage with or think about what you're saying. They just have to at least look like they're listening.
If you force them to engage, however, then they have to really listen and take in what you say.
For example, if you give a talk on the importance of first aid, ask employees what'll happen if they leave an injury and don't get first aid. Employees will have to really listen so they know what you said and what you're asking. 
Here's how this will benefit your health and safety training.
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Are you wasting valuable time figuring out which Toolbox Talks to train your employees on?

Here's how using this toolbox talk rule will benefit your OHS training

If your employees have to listen, they'll absorb what you say better. This way when they need that information they'll remember it.
This conversation style talk also gives employees a better memory recall because they can associate the information, with a question.
So implement this rule and you'll see a drastic improvement in your toolbox talks and OHS training. 


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Improve your health and safety training with this important toolbox talk rule
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