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Include this one point in your toolbox talk so your employees know what to do in an emergency

by , 22 September 2014
It's important that your employees know and understand what to do in an emergency. To ensure they do, you should do a toolbox talk on your procedures.

This will help them to understand the procedures better than if they just read through them in your safety manual.

But you need to ensure you give your employees the right information during this toolbox talk to ensure it's truly effective.

That's why you must include this one thing in your talk...


To ensure your employees get the right information from your toolbox talk, include this

You can give your employees all the information they need about emergency procedures but do they really understand it? 
To ensure they actually absorb and get the right information, you must include practical demonstrations. This way you don't just talk at them but really help them understand what they do.
Including demonstrations into your toolbox talk can give your employees a real firsthand understanding of the information you're giving them.
So when you do this toolbox talk, do a demonstration on the following things…
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Include these six things in your emergency procedures demonstration

Do a demonstration on:
- How to use your fire equipment;
- What to do if someone needs help getting outside;
- How to evacuate your premises;
- How to assemble once everyone is outside;
- How you can help manage the situation; and
- What they should do when the emergency services arrive.
It may take way too long to do demonstrations of all of these things in one toolbox talk so rather break them down. 
You can do a separate talk and demonstration on each of these points so you have enough time to really explain and show your employees what to do.
By adding these demonstrations to your toolbox talk, you can ensure it'll be as effective as possible.

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Include this one point in your toolbox talk so your employees know what to do in an emergency
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