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Nine emergency topics you must add to your toolbox talks

by , 05 September 2014
Emergency situations can happen at any time and they could take the lives of your employees. This danger increases if you don't give your employees any training on what to do in these situations.

Without this training, they may end up running around - confused and panicked - straight into danger.

Luckily, you can give them all the training they need with simple and effective toolbox talks. These could be the very thing that saves their lives.

So ensure you do toolbox talks on these nine emergency topics...


Here's how to structure toolbox talks on emergency topics

A toolbox talk gives you the opportunity to explain a safety topic to your employees. You must break this down into:
- What's at stake;
- What the dangers are;
- And how they can protect themselves.
Don't forget to include examples so your employees really get a good understanding of what you're talking about and what they must do.
Now that you understand the structures, include these nine emergency topics in your list of toolbox talks to cover...
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Do toolbox talks on these nine emergency topics to ensure your employees survive disaster

2. Earthquakes;
3. A shooter in the workplace;
4. Violent storms;
5. Violent strikes;
6. Falling down an elevator;
7. Being crushed by machinery;
8. Electrocutions; and
9. A building collapse.
Cover each of these topics in a separate toolbox talk to ensure give your employees all the details they need.
Also consider doing demonstrations during your toolbox talk so your employees will have a practical understanding of what you want them to do in each emergency situation.
By covering these nine topics, you can ensure your employees know what to do if workplace disaster strikes.

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Nine emergency topics you must add to your toolbox talks
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