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One golden rule to ensure your toolbox talks are a success

by , 20 May 2014
Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone but they're talking about ten different things at once? By the end of the conversation, you're so confused and probably don't know what you spoke about.

Now think about your company toolbox talks. Have your employees ever walked out of one looking confused and bewildered?

If they have, it's probably because you haven't followed the golden rule of giving toolbox talks. But if you do, it will guarantee you get your message across successfully...

Are these questions keeping you up at night?
Did I train all my employees? 
Did I train them on every health and safety topic they need to know? 
How would I know what topics I need to train them on?

So what's the one golden rule for all toolbox talks

The reason your employees may leave your toolbox talks bewildered is: There were too many different topics going at once, for them to really follow any of them. 
This is where the golden rule comes in:  Never focus on more than one topic at once. 
Keep your toolbox talk focused around one safety topic. The Health and Safety Advisor says each toolbox talk should be short, targeted training that stresses the importance of a topic to employees. 
This way, your employees will be able to follow one idea from start to end and they'll really understand it.
But how can you check if your employees have really understood it?
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How to check if your employees understand your safety message

If you want to check your employees have understood your toolbox talks, the best thing you can do is get them to join in the discussion.
Toolbox talk discussions on safety topics are the best way to check employees understanding and hear their concerns. 
This is the best way to ensure safety and protect your employees from the workplace hazards that surround them. 
It's that simple, one golden rule for constant toolbox talk success.

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One golden rule to ensure your toolbox talks are a success
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