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Quick! A fire breaks out in your office - do you know what to do?

by , 15 May 2013
Do you keep boxes of papers, documents, books and files lying around in your office?

These boxes can catch alight at any time because of a short circuit in one of your office plugs. Your entire building can burn down within minutes! A clear indication that it really doesn't take much to start a fire.

Are you prepared for a fire in your office?

I bet you never thought of looking at these as potential fire risks:
  • Heaters that ignite the curtains or blinds in office buildings.
  • Discarded cardboard boxes catch alight in a basement and spread to telephone cables, disrupting communications including the public address system designed to alert fire wardens.
  • Fires in rubbish bins in a basement car park destroy telephone and power cables resulting in services such as telephones, telex, electric typewriters being out of service for a week.
  • A short-circuit in a fluorescent ceiling light can start a fire and cause major damage.

Despite all the precautions taken and the strict requirements by local authority fire brigades, fires do occur and are almost entirely due to carelessness or negligence.

You may be surprised to learn that a total number of 1 675 industrial fires, resulted in losses of more than R314bn. And 376 people died in more than 40 000 fires in just one year in South Africa.


Here's how you can be 100% sure your risk assessments are legally complaint...

Everything you need to effectively manage risk in your business, avoid accidents in the workplace and be 100% compliant with the DoL is now available to you in this one resource.

Can you afford to not have it?

Find out more here.


Have you practiced fire drills?

Whether you have or you haven't, do you and your employees know the following:

  • What the fire alarm sounds like?
  • Who is charge?
  • The chain of command?
  • The emergency procedures they need to follow?
  • Where the exits are?
  • Where the assembly points are?

The answers to these six questions will mean the difference between a controlled emergency and a disaster!

A fire could cost your company millions of Rands in damages!

Not to mention the number of people that could be injured or even die if the fire had to spread.

If a fire had to break out today in your office, do you have the proper firefighting equipment in place?

Companies buy fire extinguishers and hope they'll never need to use it.

But that's not enough!

Rather than being a mere question of luck, prevention and survival means practicing and planning ahead of time.


67 Health and Safety tools in one CD…

'The toolkit saves me hours of time each month. I can't imagine what I ever did without it! I find what I need instantly and I know it's legally correct. With the toolkit I am able to get back to other tasks fast and with peace of mind that my company is legally compliant with the OHSA'

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Your responsibility as an HSE

Besides all your other duties, as a Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) officer in your company, you must prepare employees for fires as well!

You're in charge of your company's health and safety and it's a huge responsibility even though some companies don't take it seriously enough.

I know being responsible for training your employees on health and safety can also be a very long, daunting and tedious task.

It's a huge burden on your shoulders because at the end of the day, your training can mean the difference between life and death. But you also have other important things you need to do.

So today, I'm going to make your life and your job a whole lot easier!

I'm going to show you how to make sure you and your employees never have to suffer the consequences of a fire by implementing the right safety procedures.

I'm going to show you how to remove and reduce the risk of a fire in your company.

After reading this, if your company ever had to experience an emergency, you and your staff will be fully trained and equipped to deal with it in a controlled and organised manner.

I'll also show you what fire equipment you must have and how to use them in case a fire does happen in your office!

I'll give you all the information you need to offer your employees complete health and safety training. And when I say complete, I mean complete!

No more collecting and compiling training sheets and presentations on your own.

You'll get everything! And what's more, you'll never have to worry about whether you have the updated information because we'll make sure you stay up to date with the most recent legislation.

For peace of mind and optimal emergency preparedness all you have to do is click here now.


Kerusha Narothan

Product Manager: Health and Safety Training Manual

P.S. Become familiar with these materials for free, meet your legal training obligations and cut your training costs today!

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Quick! A fire breaks out in your office - do you know what to do?
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