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Reducing injuries on duty starts right at your desk

by , 22 May 2015
When you think of an injury on duty, you might not immediately think of an injury in an office environment.

Something as basic as sitting at your desk can result in painful injuries. Injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, neck strain and even building sickness syndrome. Which all translates to a loss in productivity and time off work.

Read on for ten ways to maintain health and safety at your desk...

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Ten ways to maintain health and safety at your desk

1. Adjust the height of your seat
Adjust the height of your chair so that your forearms can comfortably rest on your desk. And so you can keep your wrists straight whilst using the keyboard.

2. Adjust the backrest of your chair
The backrest needs to fully support your lower back. You need to get into the habit of using the support and leaning right back into the chair.

3. Don't stretch your arms
Don't rest your wrists on the edge of the desk! You must also make sure you don't bend your hands up at your wrist. Keep a soft touch on the keys and try not to stretch your fingers. The best way to make sure you don't fall into temptation is to keep the mouse right next to the keyboard.

4. Distance yourself from the screen
If you sit too close to the computer screen, you'll soon suffer from severe headaches. The screen needs to be at arms length, and must always be at eye level. If you need to look at the keyboard to type, lower the screen to avoid too much neck movement.

5. Use a document holder
It seems obvious, but most people don't use one. Ask your Health and Safety Rep to order one, and keep it next to your computer screen at the same distance and angle.

Read on for more effortless ways to reduce injuries at your desk…

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Five more ways to maintain health and safety at your desk

6. Position your workstation for lighting
You need to position your work station so that the windows and lights aren't in your direct line of sight. Sit sideways to windows to lesson the reflection.

7. Adjust your monitor
Adjust the brightness of your computer monitor to suit the lighting conditions in the rest of the office. If your monitor ever flickers, report it straight away.

8. Don't sit for too long
Health experts recommend getting up and walking every 30 minutes. If you can't do that, take a minute to stretch your body out every hour. Don't leave it until you're in pain or stiff.

9. Use a footrest
Use a footrest if your feet don't rest comfortably on the floor.

10. Keep a stress ball
A stress ball is a good way of stimulating the muscles and blood flow to your hands. It's also a great way to relieve tension before it increases to another level.

For everything you need relating to health and safety in your workplace. keep your copy of the Health and Safety Advisor handy!

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Reducing injuries on duty starts right at your desk
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