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Revealed: The ONE reason Toolbox Talks are vital on any site

by , 29 August 2016
Revealed: The ONE reason Toolbox Talks are vital on any siteMost employers in the construction industry brush Toolbox Talks aside...

'They are insignificant!' said one site owner.

'I don't have time to chit-chat...' said another supervisor.

'No-one listens anyway so what's the point?' said another.

And, after all there's not much too them, right?

They are short informal chats that only take 10 minutes. So how serious can they really be?

Just think about the incidents that happened lately on your site…

Iif you trained John to use a ladder properly, would he have fallen and twisted his ankle? How about if you reminded Sipho about wearing his hard hat… that spanner that was dropped wouldn't have hit his head.

Read on below and I'll tell you an even bigger reason than just doing your safety talks to help reduce incidents on your site …


Are you 100% sure you're training your employees on the right health and safety topics?

There are so many toolbox talks out there, but how can you be sure which topics you need to train your employees on?

We've done the work for you…

Click here for your Toolbox Talks Kit.


The one reason you must do your toolbox talks

It's the LAW!

That's right, according to the OHS Act you have a duty to protect your employees. And to ensure you train them on the risks around them and how to work safely (OHS Act, Section 8).

Toolbox talks are an effective way to comply with your legal obligations. They show the Department of Labour (DoL) you're doing all you can to meet your legal requirements.

Which means you get to keep your doors open and avoid any fines.

The consequences of shutting your doors are huge. Massive loss in profits, employees lose their jobs and income and people won't use your company anymore as you'll be labelled unreliable and unable to complete projects on time.

If you still think toolbox talks are insignificant, three more reasons to start toolbox talks in your workplace

Is your role as Health and Safety Representative time-consuming and frustrating?

Do you spend time trying to train employees on health and safety topics only to fail?

There IS a solution… And it comes in ONE CD

Toolbox Talks Kit: 97 Toolbox Talks. Zero stress


Three more reasons to start toolbox talks in your workplace

#1: Toolbox talks' main purpose is safety and to prevent accidents from happening in your workplace.

#2: Toolbox talks will save your company money and increase production by increasing awareness of hazards present in your workplace. This short, targeted training stresses the importance of the topic to employees.

#3: These talks are significant because employees will discover how to avoid creating unsafe conditions and learn how to work and move safely around a job site.

And if you're confused what topics to talk about for your safety chats, try out the Toolkbox Talks Kit. It has over 97 Toolbox Talks you can use instantly!

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Revealed: The ONE reason Toolbox Talks are vital on any site
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