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Revealed: The secret to creating your own induction safety training in just 30 minutes...

by , 28 October 2013
According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), you must do induction safety training for new employees, external contract workers, employees returning from maternity leave and every time there's new legislation. But how do you create proper training material and ensure its correct? Read on to find out how Induction Training 101 could help you do this.

If you dread doing induction safety training because of all the work that goes into creating the material, there's a legally compliant and affordable solution for you: Induction Training 101.

According to Rachel Paterson, Business Publisher for FSP Business, Induction Training 101 is tailor-made professional induction training for all your employees.

She adds 'it's designed to help you easily and cost-effectively create and customise your own induction training at a fraction of the cost that you'll pay for a training course for just one employee.'

Here's what you should know about Induction Training 101

Induction Training 101 has been developed by Michele Bowmer, a registered Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) assessor, with more than 20 years health and safety experience.

Using her years of experience and expertise, Bowmer, has ensured that you'll get the following in Induction Training 101:
  • Ready-made Power Point presentations, to project or print;
  • A facilitator manual to guide your in-house trainer;
  • A delegate manual with trainee notes to take with at the end of the session;
  • A questionnaire to assess how much your delegate has learnt;
  • An answer sheet to mark each trainee test; and
  • A certificate of completion if your employee successfully completes the training.

Basically, Induction Training 101 has everything your employees will ever need to know about when it comes to health and safety.

What's more…You can modify it specifically for your company's requirements and print new copies whenever you need to train a new employee.

If you want to prepare and create induction safety training on your own and within 30 minutes, read more about Induction Training 101 here.

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Revealed: The secret to creating your own induction safety training in just 30 minutes...
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