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Seven emergency training tips that could save your company from disaster

by , 23 March 2015
If an emergency, like a fire, strikes your workplace, it could destroy everything.

But if you and your employees have the right knowledge, you can stop this from happening!

That's where health and safety emergency training comes in.

Nobody expects an emergency or disaster. Especially one that affects you, your employees, and your business personally.

Yet the simple truth is that emergencies and disasters can strike anyone, anytime, and anywhere. You and your employees could be forced to evacuate your company when you least expect it.

The best way to protect yourself, your workers, and your business is to expect the unexpected. Few people can think clearly and logically in a crisis, so it is important to do so in advance, when you have time to be thorough.

To do this, you must train your employees on what to do in an emergency.

Read on for seven emergency training tips that you can implement TODAY!

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Include these seven key essentials in your health and safety emergency training
1.Basic fire fighting;
2.Emergency first aid (only for first aiders);
4.What employees must do if they discover an emergency;
5.How to respond to bomb scares;
6.What to do during a human emergency such as a violent strike; and
7.The procedures for different natural disasters.
Giving your employees training on these topics will help ensure they respond to any workplace emergency situation.
Remember, your first aid team is vital during emergencies so ensure they know what to do by checking out the Emergency First Aid CD. 

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Seven emergency training tips that could save your company from disaster
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