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Seven essential reasons why you must maintain your workplace facilities!

by , 08 April 2015
There are several reasons why you should maintain your workplace facilities, and all of them comes down to health and safety in the workplace.

Some injuries may never occur but so many accidents happen every day because the employer and the employees don't follow the basic rules when it comes about these facilities.

And that's why today we're showing you what you should know about inspecting and maintaining your workplace facilities.

There are seven reasons whye you must inspect and maintain your workplace facilities

1. If you fail to provide the required facilities and maintain them you'll be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of up to R1 000 or face imprisonment for a period of six months. If you continue with the offence you'll be fined an additional amount of R5 or face additional imprisonment of one day, for each day you don't comply with your obligation. (General Safety Regulations, Environmental Regulations for Workplaces, Driven Machinery Regulations, General Machinery Regulations, Lift, Escalator & Passenger Conveyor Regulations, Construction Regulations, Facilities Regulations).

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2. The Department of Labour inspectors can, in certain instances where a workplace poses a serious health risk to employees, stop your company's operation until the risk is resolved.

3. The fact that you're required by law to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm to your employees should be a sufficient reason from the beginning. After all, nobody wants to work for a company that doesn't maintain a hygienic and clean environment or puts their employees lives at risk.

4. Workplace inspections and maintenance form an integral part of your health and safety system and this is something that should be understood without any explanation.

5. Keep in mind that by implementing regular workplace inspections you'll reduce the risk of injuries, illnesses and damage to property in your workplace. This makes it easier to control and maintain them.

6. If you reduce the risk of harm and implementing proper maintenance procedures, it means you will create a positive and safe environment and in turn increase production.

7. Another reason is that by reducing the number of incidents in your workplace, your COID tariffs will also be reduced.

Do you need another reason?  Think about this: The DoL (Department of Labour) can shut your business down! There's no reason why you shouldn't reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses!

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Seven essential reasons why you must maintain your workplace facilities!
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