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Seven ways to ensure your new employees understand their safety induction training

by , 23 January 2015
When you give new employees safety induction training, you need to make sure they understand how to implement it.

If you rush through the content and assume they understood it, they could lose out on valuable information. Information that could save their lives.

To help you avoid making this mistake, here are seven tips to ensure your safety induction training helps new employees work safely...


Make sure your new employees understand their safety induction training with these seven tips

1. Go slowly
Never rush through your safety induction content. Take your time and explain every procedure in detail so your employees understand what you mean. 
2. Answer their questions in full
If they ask you a question, take your time to answer it in full. Allow them to ask follow-on questions if they need to until they're satisfied and understand.
3. Use examples
When you explain your procedures, use examples for each one to help your employees see what you mean. This gives them valuable context.
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4. Demonstrate
Some people learn and understand better if you give them a visual demonstration. For example, explain your machine safety procedures. Then take your new employees into your workplace and ask someone to demonstrate for them.
5. Ask them to demonstrate their understanding
Explain everything and then ask them to demonstrate their understanding. You can do this by asking them to explain it back to you or ask them to show you what they should do. 
If you're going to do this, make sure it's in a controlled environment. For example, use machines that don't work so new employees can demonstrate their understanding on them.
6. Take regular breaks during the training session
Take breaks during training so your employees have a chance to digest and go over what you've done so far. Give them ten minutes to look though their notes again and write down questions. 
7. Ask them questions about what you've taught them
Ask them short specific questions to make sure they remember and understand what you told them. For example, ask them:
- Where must you go if there's an emergency?
- Who's your health and safety representative?
- When do you report a problem to your health and safety rep?
- Where must you put your PPE at the end of the day?
Doing this during your safety induction training will help your employees understand your procedures. But how can you check if it worked?
Here's how to make sure your new employees understood your health and safety procedures
When you finish the training material, give your new employees a questionnaire that covers all the different procedures you talked about in your training.
You can get such a questionnaire, along with a customisable training manual, in Induction Training 101
This will help you make absolutely sure your employees understand your procedures so they can work safely.

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Seven ways to ensure your new employees understand their safety induction training
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