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Six important items you must include in your health and safety budget

by , 13 March 2015
Health and safety can be expensive. With PPE, fire extinguishers and the likes, costs can wrack up pretty quickly.

To ensure you're prepared, you need a health and safety budget.

Here are some elements you have to include in yours.

Six mandatory items that must appear in your health and safety budget

1. First of all, you have to budget for the maintenance of your systems you use for work, plant and machinery (Section 8(2)(a), OHS Act and General Machinery Regulations).

2. Then you should identify all the risks in your company's daily operations (Section 8(2)(d), OHS Act). To do this, do a risk assessment . In case you don't have the necessary experience or training in this, hire specialists in this field to assist you. (And don't forget to budget for them.)

3. You have to keep in mind the budget for the following surveys, which you may need to repeat at defined intervals through the year: Occupational hygiene surveys for baseline assessments of your thermal requirements, illumination surveys; and air quality surveys according to the risks you assessed (Environmental Regulations for Workplaces Sections 2,3 and 5).

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4. You have to inform your employees of the risks in their daily roles and the workplace (Section 13, OHS Act).

Keep in mind the following ways of doing this: posters, toolbox talks, informal training sessions, safe work procedures, etc. These materials cost money and you must budget for them.

 5. Furthermore, train or arrange training for your employees where needed to ensure health and safety in the workplace (Section 8(2)(e) and Section 13, OHS Act). And, yes, this means another area of the budget.

For instance, if you need to appeal to an external trainer, this will be a cost!

6. Appoint and train your health and Safety Representatives! If you have more than 20 employees , you may need to budget for the training of your Health and Safety!

There you have it. Don't let the cost of health and safety sneak up on you. Budget accordingly.

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Six important items you must include in your health and safety budget
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