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The one toolbox talk you're going to need to get you through 'party' season

by , 05 October 2016
The one toolbox talk you're going to need to get you through 'party' seasonIt seems early, but we are headed into THAT time of year...

It's frightening! I walked into Checkers the other day and they are already putting up the tinsel.

Calendars are starting to fill up with 'end-of-year' parties. And our weekends are in full party-mode.

While it's great your employees are enjoying the festivities, their over-indulgence has a big impact on YOUR business.

Here's what you should talk to your employees about to get you through this party time…
Use this toolbox talk to educate your employees about the dangers of alcohol

Tell your employees their partying habits make them a health and safety risk to everybody.

For example

Dave is an alcoholic. Every client lunch he goes to, he over-indulges. Then he pops a breath mint into his mouth and puts on some deodorant so that he doesn't smell of alcohol when he returns to the office. Dave thought he was being clever but after drinking at one client lunch, his blurred vision caused him to put his hand in the printing machine at work. The machine pulled him in and he died!
Remind your employees their drunkenness also has consequences for them and the business. This type of behaviour constitutes misconduct. And you can dismiss them for it!

They could lose everything and what's worse, they're putting themselves at risk of developing life threatening illnesses.
But, it's not all doom and gloom.

They can protect themselves…

Toolbox talks on drinking in the workplace: Here's how employees can protect themselves

Urge your employees to get help if they think they have a problem. Tell them to ask their manager or supervisor to give them information about alcoholics anonymous and contact them. And that they must feel free to sign up to your employee assistance programme for alcohol rehabilitation.

How your employees can protect themselves
  • Don't drink and drive
  • Don't work with heavy machinery if you're intoxicated
  • Report anyone you suspect of being intoxicated
  • Don't cover up for employees you suspect of drinking at work;
  • Don't lend employees money to buy alcohol;
  • Don't trying to counsel the employee on your own; and
  • Avoid making excuses to others about the employee's behavior or performance; and
There are 20 questions your employees should ask themselves to assess whether their drinking is a problem. Click here to find out.

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The one toolbox talk you're going to need to get you through 'party' season
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