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Think it's just internal threats you must do toolbox talks on? Think again!

by , 05 September 2014
When you train your employees on emergencies and how to deal with them, you may just think of internal emergencies. You know the ones that happen because of old equipment or a dangerous workplace environment.

But that's not all you have to do toolbox talks on. You need to ensure your employees know how to deal with external dangers too.

If you don't, there may come a time when your employees are at the mercy of Mother Nature and they won't know what to do.

So ensure you include these four natural disasters in your toolbox talk agenda...


Here's how a toolbox talk on natural disasters will help your employees

Toolbox talks help your employees understand what to do in emergency situations. You can give them all the details they need, answer their questions and discuss it with them.
This way when emergency situations happen they know how to react. Ensure they know:
- What the dangers are;
- What's at stake; and
- How they must protect themselves.
This is vital when it comes to telling them how to handle the following four natural disasters.
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Never again, will you need to fear a visit from the DoL. 

These four natural disasters must always form part of your toolbox talk topics

Ensure you do toolbox talks with your employees on what to do if there's:
- An earthquake;
- A violent storm;
- A flood; and
- A landslide.
Whether your employees work inside or outside, it's important they know how to handle these situations properly.
Explain to them what emergency procedures they must follow in these situations. 
When you do this consider doing demonstrations on what your employees should do. This will give them a practical understanding of what you want them to do.
By doing this, your employees will know what to do and how to react to ensure they survive these disasters.

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Think it's just internal threats you must do toolbox talks on? Think again!
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