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Three tricks to get new employees to pay attention during their safety induction training

by , 23 January 2015
When new employees start at your company, you need to train them on your health and safety procedures.

But be careful. Often new employees feel overwhelmed by what you tell them during the training. And this means they might not pay as much attention as they should.

If this happens, they could miss some important safety information and have an accident because of it.

To prevent this, you need to make sure your safety induction training is engaging and interesting.

So how do you get your new employees to pay attention during their training?

It's easy if you use these three tricks...


Keep employees focused during safety induction training with these three tricks 

1. Use visual demonstrations 
Images are easier for people to digest and understand so they don't lose focus. The same applies to visual demonstrations. If you're watching someone do something, you're less likely to zone out and lose focus. 
This makes it the perfect way to keep employees focused during your health and safety induction training.
Start your safety training in a quiet room to cover your introduction and company's safety values. 
Once you move on to your safety procedures, take the training into your workplace. As you explain procedures, such has how to use and store PPE, take your employees to where you store it and show them. 
Give them a demonstration on how to use the PPE. This way, they can actually see what you mean and it engages them more. 
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2. Use problem solving 
Include problem solving and tasks into your training programme. This way, new employees will actively engage with the training material. 
When they have to think and apply what you're teaching them, their brains stay alert and focused. This also gives them a chance to digest the training material by applying it so they don't feel so overwhelmed. Just make sure you don't make these tasks or problems too much for your employees to handle. 
3. Use stories
According to shiftelearning.com, the human brain pays more attention to stories because it's a natural process.
So use stories in your induction training. If you want to give example, do it through a story. 
For example you can say 'John went to start work on the metal press machine. He forgot to follow the safety procedures and ended up hurting himself. He needs first aid so he has to report the accident to the health and safety rep'.
This gives employees important information in an easy to digest way so their brains don't go into shut down mode.
These three tricks will keep your employees focused and engaged on your safety induction training. So don't miss anything important.
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Three tricks to get new employees to pay attention during their safety induction training
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