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Tick these four boxes to ensure your toolbox talks are effective

by , 19 June 2014
There's no such thing as a slap-dash toolbox talk! If you think there is, you're probably making some big health and safety mistakes.

You must ensure the right person does the toolbox talk the right way. And even then, your job isn't finished.

The DoL requires you to give this OHS training. So you need to ensure you do it right. These kinds of safety presentations aren't difficult, but you must have strong groundwork first.

Luckily, today we reveal four quick checks you can do to ensure your toolbox talks are effective.

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Here's how to take the first step to starting your toolbox talk

There are lots of factors that go into doing a toolbox talk. One of the most important is the safety topic. The Health and Safety Advisor actually has seven rules that can help you choose the right one. One of these rules is ensuring you stick to just one topic.
So once you've chosen your topic, you need to plan the execution. To ensure you, or your managers, carry out the toolbox talk effectively, check these four boxes…

Four boxes you must check to ensure you execute your toolbox talk properly

Before you actually start your toolbox talk, ensure you:
Check #1: Keep your session short
Your presentation should be between 15 – 20 minutes with 10 minutes of discussion afterwards. 
Check #2: Choose the right person to do the toolbox talk
Anyone can give a toolbox talk, but you must ensure the person you choose is an authority on the topic.
Check #3: Keep a register 
A register will help you keep track of which employees attended and which didn't. You need this information for the last check.
Check #4: Keep these records if a DoL inspector pays you a visit
You must be able to show an inspector you've given your employees the required training. 
These four checks will help you prepare the groundwork for well-executed toolbox talks and OHS Act compliance.
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Tick these four boxes to ensure your toolbox talks are effective
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