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Toolbox talks myths dispelled

by , 25 March 2014
There are a lot of myths going around when it comes to toolbox talks. If you want to fully comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), it's important that you know how to separate fact from fiction. Continue reading as we dispel some of the common myths regarding toolbox talks and show YOU the way forward.

Three myths about toolbox talks dispelled

Myth #1: Professional speakers must conduct toolbox talks

Fact: You don't have to be a professional speaker to give a good toolbox talk, says Louise Harty, the Managing Editor of the Health & Safety Advisor.

Harty says anyone can conduct a toolbox talk, but, just make sure the person doing the talk is a competent person or an expert in the specific subject, for example, your laboratory must conduct a talk on chemical safety.

Myth #2: Toolbox talks are a substitute for health and safety training

Fact: This isn't true. Toolbox talks don't replace health and safety training. They're just a brief a brief discussion held each month on relevant safety issues, but they don't replace formal safety training. You must still train your employees regarding safety.


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Myth #3: It's not necessary to keep records when it comes to toolbox talks

Fact: You must keep records of the talks as proof of training.

Harty says you must have employees sign an attendance sheet that records the date, duration and topic of all training you present. 'This is your proof that you're complying with Section 8 and Section 13 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.'

Harty also warns that your employees can inform the Department of Labour that you didn't tell them about the hazards related to their task. But, keeping records will support your argument that you did.

There you have it. Now what you know the truth about toolbox talks, make sure you comply with the OHSA so you can avoid penalties.

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Toolbox talks myths dispelled
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