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Turn your workplace health plan into a bonus for your company!

by , 02 March 2015
Do you offer a good benefits representative? Do you have a workplace health plan that will attract new great candidates and also offer great benefits to the actual employees?

Good. Because you can use this health plan to your advantage! Here's how...

You have to understand correctly the benefits plan you are offering. As studies show, usually employees are not informed on the health plan they are being offered.

And only half percent are being happy with the workplace health plan. Don't risk losing employees over some companies who offer a better health plan!

Inform your employees and explain them the benefits!

Don't assume they are not interested or that it is alright for them to not fully understand what is being offered.

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Moreover, it is essential that you find a balance between the benefits for the employees and the benefits for you as an employer.

Pay attention to any change you make! Don't forget to inform the employees when you make any change!

Talk about your company's plan over the phone or in a short meeting.

Use real communication to talk about the workplace health plan because it still remains a topic where you need to prove care and understanding as well.

Ask your employees about the benefits they would like to have and see whether the health representative can offer them.

There are many countries in which the percentage of the people who are well-informed about the health plan is under 20%.

Keep in mind that not knowing about what your employees think in respect to the health plan also means that you may overlook how they feel about the company, the work they are doing and whether they are motivated or not.

Remember that clear communication is key!

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Turn your workplace health plan into a bonus for your company!
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