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Update your toolbox talk topics by adding these ten important workplace safety topics to your training

by , 16 September 2014
You need to give your employees well rounded health and safety training that covers a wide range of topics so your employees have the most extensive health and safety knowledge possible.

This will help them keep themselves safe at work. But if you haven't updated your toolbox talks topics lately, you may fail to give your employees the training they need.

That's why you need to revamp your OHS training programme today by adding these ten important workplace safety topics...

Ten workplace safety topics you need to add to your toolbox talk programme
Your employees need to understand that first aid isn't just for major injuries. Even if they just cut their hand, they need first aid so it heals properly.
It's important to give your employees training on what to do in an emergency. If you don't, they won't know what to do when disaster strikes.
This talk must include all the rules and steps they must follow including fire fighting, evacuating and first aid.
The machinery in your workplace may be one of the most dangerous things in it. Your employees must know how to use it safely.
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The power of electricity makes it very dangerous; ensure your employees know how to work with it safely.
Topic #6: Safety signs
Your employees need to know what all your safety signs mean. Do a toolbox talk on them to ensure they do.
Topic #7: External hazards
It's not just things inside your workplace that put employees in danger. It's external dangers too and they must protect themselves from this.
Topic #8: Health hazards
Training your employees to recognise and deal with health hazards so they don't end up sick.
You need to train your employees to use and take care of their PPE correctly.
Topic #10: Housekeeping
Your employees must keep their workplace clean to make it safe. Train them to do this.
These ten topics will definitely add new spark and interest into your workplace training programme so add them today.

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Health & Safety Training manual. It has five legally compliant safety training modules to train your staff for less than R200 each!


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Update your toolbox talk topics by adding these ten important workplace safety topics to your training
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