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Use these four tips to upgrade your outdated toolbox talks

by , 11 September 2014
Toolbox talks are vital to ensuring your employees know how to take care of themselves at work. They give them the information they need on what dangers they face and how to deal with them.

But if your toolbox talks are old and outdated, your employees may fall asleep, rather than get the vital health and safety information they need.

You need to spice things up and breathe some new life into your old health and safety topics.

Use these four tips and you can do just that...


You can upgrade your toolbox talks with these four tips

Your employees may pay more attention and absorb more information through live demonstration. For example, if you give a toolbox talk on your evacuation procedures, walk your employees through the process.
Tip #2: Create open discussions at the end of the talk
A great way to ensure your employees are 100% awake and engaged with the talk is to open the floor to a discussion afterward. This way you can answer their questions and ensure everyone understands the topic. 
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Tip #3: Change your topics
Do talks on different topics even if you think it's not always likely that your employees may face that danger. This way they won't just assume they know what you want to talk about and nod off to sleep.
Tip #4: Structure the talk more as a conversation than a presentation
Health and safety is a give and take thing. If you can get your employees to engage through questions, answers and conversation, they're more likely to absorb the information. 
By using these four tips you can get your employees to really pay attention and show interest in your toolbox talks. That could be the most important step to ensuring they're always safe.

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Use these four tips to upgrade your outdated toolbox talks
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