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Use this checklist to choose the best employee to do health and safety induction training

by , 20 February 2017
Use this checklist to choose the best employee to do health and safety induction trainingWhen new employees join your company, they need health and safety induction training. That means you have to choose someone to be their training facilitator who has all the right health and safety knowledge and training experience.

This can be a tough decision. After all, choosing the wrong person will affect the quality of your employees' training and your company's safety record.

Don't make this mistake!

Use this easy-to-use checklist and you're guaranteed to choose the right facilitator...

Find the perfect induction trainer with this easy checklist

A health and safety training facilitator should have knowledge, understanding and experience in:
  1. The relevant health and safety laws in South Africa. This knowledge should include details about the regulations, standards and codes of practice for your industry.
  1. Identifying hazards, assessing risks and different approaches to risk control. He must be able to give health and safety training on how to do these topics.
  1. Contemporary health and safety management approaches. He must be able to explain these clearly during health and safety induction training.
  1. The specific health and safety issues in your industry.
  1. The competency based approach to training and assessment.
  1. Training and assessment skills. In particular, how to encourage adults to learn and how to use different training techniques.
 If you find someone that ticks all these boxes, he's the perfect facilitator to conduct your health and safety induction training.
And the good news is, you don't even have to go outside your company to find him.
All you have to do is take these three steps and you'll find the right facilitator in your company.
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Here's how to find your perfect training facilitator inside your company in just three steps

Step 1: Compile a list of all your employees who are involved with health and safety. These don't have to be employees with a senior health and safety position. They can be your first aiders or fire fighters too.
Step 2: Look at each employees health and safety expereince. Have they done extra health and safety training? Are they involved in other health and safety activities outside their duties? Are they happy to help with other health and safety duties?
Step 3: Go through their training experience. Have they done any courses on conducting training? Do they often help new employees understand the procedures? Have they helped conduct any toolbox talks?
These three steps will help you find the employees who are willing to help when it comes to health and safety. And ones that have training experience.
From there, you can apply the checklist to see which of these employees fulfils all the criteria.
Once you choose your facilitator, give him a copy of your induction training manual so he can get familiar with the content.
You can find a ready-to-use manual in Induction Training 101. With the right facilitator and this health and safety induction training manual, your new employees will get the best training possible, every time.

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Use this checklist to choose the best employee to do health and safety induction training
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