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Use this format to make your safety procedure manual effective and easy-to-use

by , 29 May 2014
If there's an accident or a minor incident on your construction site, your employees will need to check for the correct procedures to follow quickly.

That's why you must develop your procedures in a format that's easy for them to keep with them and use quickly.

There are seven easy tricks you can use to make sure your format is just right. Here's a list to ensure you use all these tricks...

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You can use these seven tricks for an easy-to-use procedure format

The best format for a safety procedures manual is an A4 page size that's simply bound. But you can do even more to make your safety manual easy to use. For example, you should:
1. Print the company name, the manual name, and the procedure title at the top of each page;
2. Keep the title short (around five words);
3. Show the names of different sections clearly;
4. Clearly show the procedure number at the top of each page so it's easy to file and find;
5. Include the date you issued it and say if the procedure is new or revised;
6. Write the page numbers as 'Pages 1 of 3'. This way the reader will know if a page is missing; and
7. Get the authorising person to sign the procedures instead of including a sign off list.
With these tricks, you'll create a safety manual with an easy-to-use format. But there's no point having an easy-to-use format if you've forgotten to consider these three points.

Three additional points to consider when developing your safety procedure manual

When you develop your safety procedures manual, you must also think about:
2. Who are you writing them for?
3. What writing style will your employees understand best?
Use these tricks and additional points and you'll have a safety manual that's easy-to-use and has effective content.

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Use this format to make your safety procedure manual effective and easy-to-use
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