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Why giving your employees first aid training could save your company

by , 05 May 2014
Serious accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. They could also be the reason why the DoL forces your business to stop work or shut down. If you haven't done everything you can to protect your employees, you're responsible for that accident. There are ways to prevent this though. Read on to discover how simple first aid training could save your whole business from ruin...

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Here's how first aid training could save your business

Because accident can happen at any time, you need to make sure that there's always someone who can deal with them. This would normally be your safety officer, but there may be times when they're not around either. 
This is when it would be beneficial to have employees who have first aid training. This way, if you and your safety officer aren't on hand, there's someone who can handle the situation. 
But make sure you have evidence that you've given employees first aid training. You'll need this if an accident happens and you have to show inspectors that you made precautions. 
This is how first aid training could save your whole business from a shut down. It's these kinds of precautions that show you've done what you can to protect your employees. 
So how do you go about providing the best first aid training?
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Provide the best first aid training to your employees

According to the Health and Safety Advisor, to provide the best first aid training, you'll first need to do a risk assessment. This will help you see which employees should get the training. You'll also be able to identify what kind of first aid training your employees will need.
As part of your first aid and safety programs you'll also need to have a first aid kit. You must keep it fully stocked at all times and document what's supposed to be in there.
You should do regular toolbox talks with safety demonstrations from the employees trained in first aid. This'll help other employees be aware of to look after themselves in dangerous situations.
So remember, providing first aid training and support is a simple way to help protect your employees. It will also help keep the DoL happy and can save your whole business from a shut down. 

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Why giving your employees first aid training could save your company
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