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Why using your first aiders can help improve your toolbox talks

by , 15 May 2014
Safety topics can be really boring. This means employees may stop listening. But by using first aid training demonstrations, you can make them more engaging.

You probably spend a great deal of time and money on giving employees first aid training. You probably also put in a lot of effort to create content for your toolbox talks.

These are both important parts of your risk management plan. But why not use your first aiders' knowledge to help you with your toolbox talks? Here's how you can leverage your first aiders knowledge and create your own toolbox talks.

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Do your first aiders know what it is?

Here's how you can use your first aiders' knowledge to improve your toolbox talk 

You won't give first aid training to all of your employees depending on costs and those who are willing. But if you employ ten or more employees, you must have at least one first aider on staff. This is required so someone can help with workplace injuries. 
But why not use the power of their knowledge to your advantage?
That's right, next time you plan a toolbox talk, ask the employees trained in first aid to give a short demonstration on a few basics. This will give these employees a chance to practice their basic emergency response skills and help educate other employees.
These demonstrations should be basic things such as what's in a first aid kit, how to put on a bandage or how to stop a bloody nose.  
But remember these first aiders aren't training everyone else in first aid. They can only give basic guidelines start your toolbox talk discussion.
Their knowledge can help you improve the kind of toolbox talks you give...
Are you 100% sure you're training your employees on the right health and safety topics?
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How using first aid knowledge can improve your toolbox talk

It's that simple. 
Incorporating first aid training knowledge into some of your toolbox talks really can help you elevate all of your employees' safety awareness.

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Why using your first aiders can help improve your toolbox talks
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